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After Freund successfully established the Series 2 trimmer in the field, the FREUND trimmers are giving the only serious alternative to the market dominating monopolist. Reasonable and fair spare part costs, paired with German engineering and manufacturing will continue and improve this success, simply quality “Made in Germany

The new Series 2 with improved gearing and enhanced blade life. Not to mention the latest in trimming technology and safetyr .The modular motor drives offer a low cost trimming alternative with reduced investment and the most powerfull and reliable pneumatic motor available and recognizable by the blue handle


The unique design of the new Endeavour even allows the trimming head to be interchanged between the electric and the pneumatic motors, without modification. Whatever your requirement, finishing meat-cuts, slicing salmon, or the simple removal of excess fat from beef or pork, Endeavour is the precision trimmer for every operation.


The challenging new pneumatic hand piece offers increased power while still retaining improved comfort to the operator. Increasing life performance of wearing parts by requiring only 6 months servicing intervals reduces running costs and increases yield.