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CAT 103-3
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A constant water temperature of 53 degrees Celsius will soft scald the birds in 1,5 minutes. When operating the tank, it should always be topped up with hot water slightly warmer than 53 degrees Celsius to reduce water re-heating time. Birds should be agitated in the water to get wet right down to their skin.

The tank has a hard water grade heating elements. The thermostat is electronic, and controls the water temperature within 1 degree Celsius. The outlet is 25 mm B.S.P.

300 Litre Scalding Tank -  

Thermostat control 400 V 3 PHASE,

Hot Galvanised,

inside 600 wide x 1000 long x 500 deep

Overall 1300 x 700 x 850

40 KG 

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