5" Damascus Dinner Knife Set - Colourful G-10 Handles

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5" Damascus Dinner Knife Set

Handle is made from G-10 which is strong and durable, it has amazing dimensional stability, and does not shrink or swell when exposed to high or low temperatures. It has a very high mechanical strength, meaning it is very difficult to break, whilst remaining lightweight with fantastic grip regardless of wet or dry.


VG-10 is a well known, high end Japanese stainless steel which is considered premium. It contains vanadium, which is renowned for its toughness and 15% chromium, giving it an excellent rust resistance. This steel is specifically designed for high-quality blades used in cutlery. VG-10 can be sharpened to a fine edge that is very durable and can maintain a hardness of 60+ Rockwell without becoming brittle, it also contains cobalt, carbon, molybdenum and manganese. 


Damascus Knives are prized for their beautiful water-like patterning and for their razor sharpness, the Damascus knives produced today contain different grades of steel folded together repeatedly, around a core of pure knife-grade steel. The aim is to imitate the technique and appearance of historical Damascus steel. Properly made Japanese Damascus Knives will always exhibit great durability and sharpness, along with the distinctive patterning created by the layers of metal.


Set of 6 dinner / steak knives in gift box 
6 different coloured ergonomic G-10 handles
Premium 67 layer Damascus blade with a Japanese VG-10 Core
Durable and resistant to corrosion

High temperature heat treated


Total length: 24.5cm 

Blade Thickness: 2.1mm 
Width: 2.5cm 
Weight: 130g




“MEFE” Damascus knives are made to the highest possible standards to achieve the best quality and longevity available. Blades are made using Damascus Stainless Steel and contain a premium Japanese VG-10 High Carbon Steel Core which heat treated to obtain a hardness of 60±2 Rockwell. This hardness is tough enough to hold its sharp edge, yet remains soft enough to enable sharpening. Please refer to our store for steels and stones for correct sharpening methods and tools