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5" Hollow Ground Curved Boning Knife - Fibrox Blue Handle - 10% off 14, 40% off 100

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5" Hollow Ground Curved Boning Knife - Fibrox Blue Handle - 10% off 14, 40% off 100
5" Curved Boning Knife
 Handle is made from Fibrox which is strong enough to withstand the toughest of treatment while giving the grip a comfy and slip free feel. Fibrox is specifically engineered for the Food Industry.
Our Hollow Ground blades are produced by using a wheel to sharpen the edges of the knife until a convex hollow is removed from both sides of the edge. This type of grind produces a very sharp edge and is the best slicer because of its thinner profile.
Blue fibrox handle
Hollow ground blade
Dishwasher safe
Heat resistant 
Ice-colded technology
Total length: 27cm
Blade Thickness: 2.1mm
Width: 2.3cm
Weight: 120gm
“Mitchell” knives are made to the highest possible standards to achieve the best quality and longevity available. Blades are made from High Carbon Stainless Steel 420J2 which is heat treated and annealed to obtain a hardness of 50-60 Rockwell. This hardness is tough enough to hold its sharp edge, yet remains soft enough to enable sharpening.
Please refer to our store for steels and stones for correct sharpening methods and tools.
The knife is dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and has had ice-colded technology. Our knives are Professional Quality and Industry formulated for heavy use. 
These are not cheap knives - Just Clever Engineering and Distribution.
10% DISCOUNT for a box of 14
40% DISCOUNT for a box of 100