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75L Galvanized Poultry Scalding Tank

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CAT 103-4
75L Galvanized Poultry Scalding Tank
  • Function:
    • o   A constant water temperature of 53 degrees Celsius will soft scald the birds in 1.5 minutes.
    • o   When operating the tank, it should always be topped up with hot water slightly warmer than 53 degrees Celsius to reduce water re-heating time.
    • o    Birds should be agitated in the water to get wet right down to their skin.
  • Description:
    • o   The tank has a hard water grade heating element of 2 kW.
    • o   The thermostat is electronic, and controls the water temperature within 1 degree Celsius.
    • o   The outlet is 25 mm B.S.P. and is connected to a hose that hooks over the top of the tank.
  • Specifications:
    • o   Tank: Completely welded and hot-dipped galvanised
    • o   Dimensions: 780mm high, 40mm wide, 54mm long
    • o   Mass: 18kg

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