Air Saver Jet Nozzle - 1/4" NTP Brass Tip

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CAT 78 10V

Air Saver Jet Nozzle

CAT 78 10V 1/4 NPT

Threaded Brass Tip

(Also available: CAT 78 10VB 3/8” NPT)





The Air Saver is a heavy-duty blowgun, unmatched in durability and ease of use. No levers or buttons to fumble with to break. Simply pick it up and flex the rubber nozzle for instant flow control, from a breath of air to full blast. The rubber nozzle will not scratch delicate surfaces and avoids static sparks. Stainless steel valve assembly will not corrode. Drive over the air saver with your vehicle, fork truck or pallet jack and it will still work.


Simply drop the air saver for instant off, impossible to be left flowing.


One internal moving part means long life and no leaks



Overall length is 117 mm, All brass fittings with exterior rubber bumpers, Equipped with either 1/4” or 3/8” NPT, Hose manufactured from neoprene base tube and wrapped with 3-ply reinforcement.
Threaded Brass Tip on the front for Extension attachments.



CAT 78 10VBE

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