Boot and Sole Wash Machine

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 Boot & Sole Wash Machine


This easily movable boot sole washer enables the user to wash and disinfect both the soles and the top of their boots or shoes.


It is a complementary piece of equipment which can be rapidly placed wherever necessary without having to install a hygiene station.

 Perfectly suited for use in the Food Industry, Site office, Maintenance Factory, Veterinary Clinics,  Agriculture, Building Sites, Hospitals, Mines, Sports Events/ Golf Clubs and more!  




Automatic water, and Soap or disinfectant injection Using a 2% Solution (factory setting) and an average operating time of 30 seconds per person, Soap/Disinfectant container holds enough liquid for around 150 passages.



Stainless Steel frame, recycled ABS body
Colour: Blue
Noise level: 55 dB
Water supply: Standard hose (same as a washing machine) supplied
Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Power: 60 W 240 V single phase + earth
Protection Index: IP 55
Automatic  - Operated by electronic touch control
Adjustable operating time: 30 s (Factory setting), 45 s and 1 minute
Water consumption: 2 l/min
Maximum temperature: 50°C
Minimum pressure: 2 Bar
Maximum Pressure: 5 Bar
Automatic dosing of the disinfectant / soap: 2%
Disinfectant / Soap Canister Capacity : 3 litres



630 x 300 x 410 mm
16 kg



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