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BOWL CUTTER 15L - table top 3 knife & thermometer

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CAT 361 BC400

High performance bowl choppers for the professional production of emulsions for cooked sausages or salami products as well as for the processing of food material which needs to be cut, mixed and homogenized.

The design of the cutter bowl and the cutting chamber in relation with the high quality knifes and a digital thermometer allow first class product quality. The rotating speed of the knife shaft and the cutter bowl can be selected independently from each other.

With this feature a high flexibility to process different variation of products is guaranteed.

The bowl choppers are fully made from high grade stainless steel.

The machine housing is welded together completely gap free for an easy, quick and hygienic proper cleaning.

All CE requirements regarding safety and hygiene are fulfilled.

The top model CAT 361  BC 410 is equipped with all features of a professional bowl chopper.

A strong motor with frequency converter for the knife shaft, the mixing function with step less speed control either forward or reverse, the process control of pre-setting the temperature by using the electronic thermometer or of pre selecting the number of bowl turns and the possibility to store programs in the control board of the machine fulfill any demand.




cat-361-bc-c-pg.jpg           cat-361-bc-a-pg.jpg




BOWL CUTTER 15 LIT - Table Top Chopper - 15 l - 3 Knifes, with Thermometer
400 V 50 Hz, three phase
Motor power 2,8 kW Knifes, 0,5 kW Bowl
Speed 1400/2800 rpm
Dimension W 815 mm, D 590 mm, H500 mm
Weight approx. 110 kg




The BC 400 + 402 are designed as table top

models. On demand they are also available

on a movable stand.