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BREAKING SAW - Model K23-06 with 2 hand anti-tie down

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CAT 218 K23-06 2HATD
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BREAKING SAW - 2 Hand Anti-tie Down
Mechanical blade brake integrated with higher reliability compared to electrical brake.
Sawblade stops instantly after switch-off / trigger release 
 Adjustable cutting-depth control from 15mm - 75 mm
Round handle R (D-type) & spiral cable
Supplied complete including electrical control box
Essential safety feature - 2 hand control switching with
anti-tie down.
400V 3 phase 1800W IP65
TOTAL mass: 17  kg
230 mm Blade (9”)  - KGZ STANDARD
 Other power specifications available:
K23-13   950 W IP65   TOTAL 11.5 kg 
K23-03   1300 W IP65   TOTAL  13  kg