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CAT 500 750
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Maximum capacity 750 pounds/340 kg, Finish Completely 304 Stainless Steel, standard window in door, ramp, standard design for 1 x 1 x 1.5 m smoke trucks.  Standard ROXUL insulated wall panels with square stainless steel tubing frame, fully enclosed,  fully welded cage – NO panel and gasket construction.




Description of cycles and features:




•The standard variable speed, high air volume capacity stainless steal turbine produces exceptional drying conditions in our Smokehouses.


•Cyclone Smokehouse Airflow, it is a unified and combined airflow of both Vertical and Horizontal. This cyclonic balanced airflow allows the operator to process a wider variety of product.


• The built-in steam generating system in one of the most unique features of the Scott Smokehouse. Fine spraying nozzles atomize the water, drawn from the hot water connection, directly into the turbines, which turn the little droplets into a fine mist.


•Servo-driven fresh air and exhaust systems – 1 Degree increment flap control.


•A shower is standard in all mefe Smokehouses for product  cooling and rinsing during the cleaning cycle.


•All cycles in the Smokehouse are controlled by the easily programmable microprocessor. This microprocessor displays not only the actual values, but also the programmed values and the currently active functions. The microprocessor includes advanced diagnostics and self-diagnostics.


•  All MEFE Smokehouses come equipped with a foam cleaning system. It not only reaches the interior walls but also the hard-to reach parts of the Smokehouse, connecting pipes and parts of the smoke generator.  The smoke generator features an automatic fire extinguishing system, ignition and smoke temperature control.


•The Smokehouse microprocessor fully controls the smoke generator. The required amount of smoke is adjusted via a primary air volume regulator - the amount of compressed air injected into the combustion chamber.


•A separate fan ensures the rapid and continuous transfer of smoke to the Smokehouse.


• Drip-less stainless steel ceiling for better hygiene and appearance of the product.


•  Front drainage, 2 ports on Smokehouse, 1 port on Smoke Generator.


•Intake and exhaust flaps driven by actuators governed by PID analogue outputs.


•Monitoring and programming from a remote location is include. (485/USB converter is available at extra charge.