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DEHAIRING AND SCALDING MACHINE - for pigs 20kg to 200kg

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CAT 157M20
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DEHAIRING AND SCALDING MACHINE - for pigs 20kg to 200kg



Dehairing and scalding machine model M20 is designed for pigs weighing up to 20-200 kg or a modification of the machine is available for suckling pigs weighing 10-150kg: CAT 157M20 10-150. This model provides the complete solution to the smaller sized abattoir and is capable of scalding, dehairing and cleaning 18-20 pigs / hour.

Complete Stainless Steel shaft is fitted with flexible rubber scrapers
Electrically heated oil jacketed heating elements which are thermostatically temperature controlled
3/4" water connection
Equipped with fixed twin rollers - each fitted with special rubber beaters for thorough cleaning 
Electrical panel and control is integrated into the body of the machine - no external cables
Back rubbers on body 
Hinged lid & Cradle eject rake
Mobile with Trolley

Inside dimensions: 1.8 x 1 x 1m
External dimensions: 2150 x 1000mm
Weight: 420-500kg
Heating: 12kW sealed oil
Electrical Motor: 2.2kW 400V
Scraping paddles: 80 units
Production approx: 20 pigs/hour

Galvanised or Stainless Steel
Hair collection box 
Single phase motor
Gas or diesel fire heating
Suckling pig adaption for pigs from 10 to 150kg

 Spare Parts:
Pig Scraper Rubber Blocks


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