Diamond Power Professional Knife Sharpener

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CAT 13920
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Knives of any shape, length and size!
Any plain edged and most scalloped and serrated edged blades!
Edge forming, sharpening, honing & polishing
Suited for domestic and small/light industrial use

Optimal set 34°- 3 x 20 mm diamond coated wheels
Supplied with all power plug adaptors - will work anywhere in the world on any domestic power supply connection (240 V / 120 V)
Safe running 24 V DC motor
Less than 80 dB (whisper quiet)
Super cool technology without water - does not need water cooling and will never overheat.
CE marked

200 x 60 x 80 mm
930 g - easily stored in drawer

Consistent sharpness on every knife, with every user - no skill required
Diamond honing wheels create fast sharpening in less than 20 seconds
Easy to clean and maintain
Dust magnet reduces airborne contamination
No adjustment required - optimum geometry sharpening built in
Lightweight and portable, yet built with a heavy duty plastic body
Just plug in and go
Safe to use - no open moving parts

Reduces stress and strains in hands, wrists and arms
Reduces waste - more precise cuts
Safer to use - blunt knives increase the chance of slips
Easier to use

Three slots for sharpening are available for instant use without adjustment
One - For worn blades that need edge reforming
Two - For everyday use sharpening
Three - For the final super smooth hone after using 1 and 2


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