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EURO TUB - 200 litre - Red Polyethylene, Stainless Lifting Lugs

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CAT 113R
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EURO TUB - 200 litre - Red Polyethylene, Stainless Lifting Lugs

200 litre EURO TUB Red Polyethylene Plastic

 Stainless steel lifting slots

Double walled - thermal insulation

Easier handeling

Quiet running

Dent free

lifted and tipped using standard bin tippers

Double skinned food-quality polyethylene construction

Bin inside 636 X 636 X 510

overall sizes 760 x 720 x 700

Bin weight 22KG

150 mm wheel



 This 200 Litre Plastic Euro Bin was introduced as a viable alternative to the more traditional Stainless Steel  Bin. Specially designed and developed for use in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. The bin is 200 litre capacity, is mobile on nylon wheels and has strong stainless steel lifting lugs. The stainless steel lifting lugs allow the 200 Litre Plastic Euro Bin to be lifted and tipped in standard bin tippers, including the tippers available from mefe. In addition, the 200 Litre Plastic Euro Bin has a double skinned food-quality polyethylene construction, rounded edges which make cleaning and handling quicker and safer, plus a moulded pushing handle which allows for easy wheeling and manoeuvring. The 200 Litre Plastic Euro Bin offers significant operational benefits when compared to stainless steel bins; they are lighter, with quieter wheeling and handling; offer better resistance to denting and the double skinned construction provides good insulating properties. The 200 Litre Plastic Euro Bins are suitable for a wide range of food and pharmaceutical handling applications, not just waste and come in a standard range of colours including red, yellow, green, white and blue with other colours available to order. In addition, close fitting lids are available, if required, to protect the contents from contamination.