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    • Operation:
      • o   The eviscerating rail is used by placing the bird’s hocks into the shackle, back toward the operator.
      • o   The bird is then pushed along to a point above the eviscerating trough where the neck skin is slit, and the neck cut at a point such that the neck stub does not protrude when the bird is packed (quality).
      • o   The vent is then cut around without breaking or cutting the intestine. This is a skill which can be quickly achieved by operators if sufficient attention is given to the technique by management.
      • o    If the intestine is cut, fecal matter will spill into and onto the carcass, resulting in loss of shelf life.
      • o    Once the vent is cut free, pull it about three hundred to four hundred millimeters from the carcass so that the intestine hangs clear of the carcass.
      • o    Next make a cut from the vent opening to the keel bone.
      • o    The eviscerating fork is now used to scoop the visible package from the carcass.
      • o   Remove the visceral pack by hand and harvest the edible giblets (liver, heat, and gizzard).
      • o    Wash the carcass thoroughly both inside and outside.
      • o   The remaining offal (mala) is dropped into the trough where it is flushed into a receptacle under the opening in the trough.
    • Mild steel galvanized
    • 2.6 meters long
    • 40 KG