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Feather Plucker Drum

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CAT 155C
Feather Plucker Drum
  • Function:
    • o   This plucker is matched to work in conjunction with the 6 Bird Stunner/Bleeder combinations and the 75L Scalding tank.
    • o   Low power requirement is the main feature of this plucker. It is possible to use the Plucker, Scalder and Stunner/Bleeder, including refrigeration with only the power from a small diesel or petrol driven generator about 5 kVA, where mains power is not available.
  • Description:
    • o   The main frame is made from heavy gauge mild steel completely welded and hot-dip galvanized thus offering complete rust protection.
    • o   The feather bin and canopy are removable to facilitate thorough cleaning.
    • o    The bin can hold the feathers of about 200 birds. 
    • o   The plucker is well balanced and free standing.
    • o   A standard pluck finger is used, i.e. about 80 mm long that pulls into a hole of 19 mm.
    • o   Soft to medium hardness (45 to 55 degrees shore), plucking fingers are preferred.
  • Specifications:
    • o   Capacity: 120 birds/hour
    • o   Frame: complete welded and hot-dip galvanized
    • o   Feather bins: galvanised 0.6mm thick sheet spot welded. Corners strengthened by brazing
    • o   Pluck head: hot-dipped galvanised steel tube with 27 pluck fingers
    • o   V-Belt drive: Single nylon 10N950 belts with aluminium pulleys
    • o   Motor: 0.37 kW, 4 pole, single phase, T.E.F.C
    • o   Starter: rotary switch
    • o   Bearings: standard 25mm, 4 hole sealed flange units
    • o   Size: 750mm wide, 620mm long, 1350mm high
    • o   Mass:72kg
  • Operation:
    • o   Scalded birds must not be allowed to cool down prior to plucking
    • o   Time lapse between stunning and plucking is no more that 4 to 5 minutes
    • o   Holding the bird by its feet, put it on the rotating drum with its back down
    • o   The bird is then rotated to its left then right thus plucking the back and breast
    • o   The bird is then seated on the rotating drum and the back of the legs and surrounding areas are plucked
    • o   The front legs are then plucked by turning the bird right around from the sitting position to breast down
    • o   The wings and neck are plucked by holding the legs and one wing in one hand and then holding the other wing down on the rotating plucking drum.
    • o   The wing and neck are plucked at same time. Reverse this operation to pluck the other side
    • o   The whole process should take 30 seconds. 

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