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FOGGER - Curved Brass Cleaning Fog Gun

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CAT 7807F
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FOGGER - Curved Brass Cleaning Fog Gun



Chemical Siphon Spray, Neoprene Handle





Up to 360psi, Operating from 35-175 psi, 1/4" NPT connection

Boxed 43 x 12 x 5cm, 550gm





The Fog Gun operates on air to quickly fog entire interior rooms and spaces. It's the ideal unit for spraying sanitizing solutions and other sanitisers.

Originally designed for fogging milk storage areas, the Fog Gun has been highly accepted by process plants where sanitizing is required by various Boards of Health.The amount of chemical agent used is controlled by the operator and the pressure he applies to the handle assembly. Should air be required after completion of the sanitizing, this unit may be converted to an air gun by simply removing the siphon hose from the vessel. The chemical manufacturer's specifications should be followed at all times. ¼” NPT Hose connection, up to 360 psi.





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