Full Face Shield less 10% >10 - 20% >50 , less 30% for 100 or more

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Full Face Shield

Designed to cover exposed facial parts



Offering the greatest possible protection, without hindering breathing or visibility.


Designed to cover exposed facial parts

100% recyclable

Can be cleaned/disinfected

Adjustable clips for sizing

Single material development

Made out of Polyethylene Terephthalate



To ensure the shields are effective in mitigating the possibility of spreading contractible illnesses via droplets from the nose and mouth, please maintain your mask with the following:

Use soap detergent and warm water NOT exceeding 60°C

Clean and sanitise shield with liquid sanitiser (70% alcohol based)

Wipe shield with microfiber cloth

Allow to dry fully prior to re-use



Keep hands away from face shield

Do not use water exceeding 60°C

Store in a cool dark place

Do not use near high temperature work areas >75°C

To ensure clarity of shield is maintained, please stick to guidelines outlined above


This face shields usable life is limited to storage conditions and has no expiration date.



725 x 238 x 0.3mm



Please note: Face shield is NOT heat resistant - all polymers and subsequent manufactured products should NOT be stored in direct sunlight for longer than 30 minutes, nor stored close to any heat source.