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Heavy Duty Electric Cattle Prodder - Extra Long, Rechargeable & Programmable

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Heavy Duty Electric Cattle Prodder - Extra Long, Rechargeable & Programmable

ELECTRIC PRODDER - Extra Long, Heavy Duty
Rechargeable & Programmable

  This Prodder is a must have! No Batteries Required
Virtually indestructible! - made for rugged conditions


Extra Heavy Duty Construction
Made to the highest specifications
Light weight and easy to use, packs a powerful punch for its size
Conveniently fits in your pocket, ideal for close quarter work
Conforms to the new international and European regulations concerning animal welfare during stunning procedure and/or transport

 240v Charger Included
Car charger available as an optional extra (CAT 45XC)  

 Programmable with 3 Power levels
3 Power levels for small, medium and large Animals  
Level 1  - Low output - Small animals – 3800 V
Level 2 –Medium output -  Medium animals  - 5220 V
Level 3  - High Output  - Large animals – 7580 V 

Programmed with or without Buzzer.
Audible Beep -
Animals will instinctively learn to associate the prodder Beep with the electrical shock and will, after a short period of time, react to the beep alone.

Highly recommended as the ultimate safety tool

 This educative Prodder powered by a rechargeable battery is developed to guide animals with a beep and / or electric pulses through 2 electrodes, with the possibility to use the beep alone or simultaneously with an electric shock 

 The Electric Prodder has 3 programs tailored to the size of animals, and weather conditions


Dimensions: 94 x 9.7 x 5.7cm, 650g

On all our items we offer a 20 day no hassle money back guarantee, excluding freight, and in original condition. 
We also offer a full 2 year factory warranty - repair or replace, excluding fair wear and tear.