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HIDE PULLER - capacity 120/hour, 100/ hour with heads

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HIDE PULLER - capacity 120/hour, 100/ hour with heads
  • Designed for high slaughtering capacities via

    a double roller-system

    Combines all advantages of a roller dehider
    Less tensile strain of hides
    High flexibility during dehiding
    With stimulation,
    Without front feet shackling
    Down Puller
    Includes head dehiding in same operation
    Automatic deshackling of hide chains
    Roll-down programme on one roller and

    simultaneous dehiding process on the other

    Unimterupted stop start
    Fully automatic - controllable
    Hook relief with automatic cleaning
    Lifting platforms, hand wash basins sterilizers
    CNo front feet shackling ðstaff savings
    CNo pre-dehiding of front legs
    CSymmetric pulling of hides
    Cflexability and choice  of the dehiding angle
    CUnsurpassed speed
    CUp to 100 cattle including heads per hour
    CUnwinding of the hide on the backside
    CImprovement of the ergonomic working conditons for the operator with elevator platforms