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HIDE PULLER - capacity from 30/hour to 75/hour

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HIDE PULLER - capacity from 30/hour to 75/hour
  • * = Capacity size options:
    • CAT 84 BE7 30/HOUR
    • CAT 84 BE4  60/HOUR
    • CAT 84 BE 3  75/HOU
    • CAT 84 BE5 75/HOUR
    • CAT 84 BE6 75/HOUR


Single stage hydraulic ram eliminates carriage shudder
External hydraulic motor drive on winch drum
Stimulation probe sterilization
Maintenance accessibility & hygienically designed
Operator platforms smooth position adjustment
Programmable and controller activated
All controls are IP56 rated
Carriage and winch drum controlled by independent hydraulic pumps balanced to reduce operating costs
Quiet operation
Test ports installed to monitor performance


Robust construction in hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel.
Hydraulic pilot control of proportional valves
Hide tipping bucket
Traversing ram controlled by separate hydraulic pump

 Traversing track mounting for live rail pulling