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HORN'UP - Horn Cauterizer / Calf De-Horner

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HORN'UP - Horn Cauterizer / Calf De-Horner


Horn Debudding / Horn Growth Preventer / Dehorner

Simple, Quick, Efficient
Horn'Up: The Alternative and Safe Dehorning


The unit is specifically developed for farmers for use in rugged outdoor conditions. The dehorner / de-budder is a safe and effective tool used to prevent any young animal from growing horns. The unit effectively cauterises the horn bud preventing growth. May also be used on sheep, goats and other animals where horn de-budding is required. The temperature and the cycle are managed automatically, guaranteeing de-budding by cauterisation of the blood vessels without any danger to the animal, and with maximum success.

Works off a built in Ni-Mh (Nickel-metal hydride) battery

Incorporates a battery control function
Fully rechargeable
Supplied complete with 240V or 110V charger and carry case
No need for long leads or gas canisters
18mm ceramic head
Countdown time and buzz
Time display and charge screen
Acoustic signal when operation is complete
Automatic off
Single battery charge lasts up to 80 calves
Maintenance and spare parts consisting of 3 heating coils and 3 ceramic brackets.
Driven by microprocessor which actively protects the battery by preventing overcharging and discharging.
Incorporated safety lock to prevent trigger activation when not in use
Heating element reaches 800 degrees C in 8 seconds and automatically cycles for 8 seconds.

Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 6cm, 850g


240V charger - Australian plug
110V charger - USA or UK plug

Available Extras
Ceramic head kit, ceramic head + screws - CAT 45 HORNUP 3
Car Charger