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INTROSCOPE - Butcher Fat Thickness Measuring Tool, Abattoir Fat Gauge Introscope

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CAT 128
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INTROSCOPE - Butcher Fat Thickness Measuring Tool, Abattoir Fat Gauge Introscope



Fat Measuring Device

The most accurate and cost effective method of determining fat depth and establishing the lean meat percentage


The probe is inserted at the head of the first rib, 6.5 cm from the mid line of the back. From this point the Introscope can measure the fat depth within the range of 3mm to 45mm and with the help of a weight and probe matrix, the estimated lean meat percentage can be calculated.

The introscope is used by inserting the point of the Introscope probe at right angles to the skin at the appropriate position, sufficient pressure is used to maintain contact with the carcass. The lamp switch is held in and barrel is rotated while also looking into the viewer on top of the Introscope. Through the viewer the inspector then adjusts the depth of penetration until the marker in the viewer coincides with the division between the fat and the lean meat. The depth of fat in mm is then taken as a reading off the barrel.

Maintenance and repairs on the Introscope using genuine manufacturer’s parts are also carried out in Brisbane.






CAT 128  1 LAMP




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