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Knife Basket - Stainless Steel

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CAT 140 17
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Knife Basket - Stainless Steel

 Knife Basket - Sterilize, Wash, Transport & Safely Secure Knives

(price excludes knives and steels)

The most hygienic and safe solution to knife and equipment protection


Knives and tools secure and safe storage - lockable


Knives and tools protection safe transport - knife blades are secured and locked in place with three plastic location slats 

Knives and tools wash and sterilize protection - complete dishwasher safe

Complete basket made to submerge into  


Knife Basket holds 4 knives, 2 steels and 1 glove

Stainless Steel with 3 Plastic inserts.


185 x 130 x 480 mm

1.8 kg



The most hygienic solution to knife protection is the stainless steel knife scabbard

Polished finish, Will not scuff or cut

Protects and secures knives

Holds 4 knives.  

Please note that our scabbards are Professional Quality and Industry formulated for heavy use

Hygiene Food Grade