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MOVIT PRODDER MAXI - Full Power - 800mm Reach Spring Steel Shaft + Extra 550mm Wand

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MOVIT Cattle Prod Maxi - Full Power - 800mm Reach + Extra 550mm Wand

Hassle-free driving
Reduces risk of bleeding and dead animals
Better yield and meat quality - less stress
Strong wand from durable, almost indestructible aluminium and spring steel.
Balanced weight and no moving parts - solid drive electronics
Full Power: Full power electrical current is discharged on activation


MOVIT PRODDER takes 4x size D alkaline batteries - included*
*batteries not included for shipments outside Australia due to air freight regulations

Output voltage a massive 8,000 to 10,000 volts

Respectable 550ma battery current draw
Using good quality batteries, batteries will last 18 days continuous use (2 seconds on 20 seconds off - 8 hours/day)

The cattle prod is intended to stimulate animals to move in stockyards and similar surrounds. 
Any other use is not intended and bears safety risks, MEFE disclaims any liability whatsoever for any damages caused. 
This cattle prod is state-of-the-art and complies with health and safety requirements issued by the EU, however it presents hazards which cannot be eliminated and should be used with extreme care. The unit is a capacitor discharge system and has a memory effect; the probes may remain charged after use.

Important Safety Notice:
Use on animals only – never use on humans.
Keep out of reach of children
Do not submerge in liquid – keep probes clean and dry

Operating Instructions:
Use only on animals – operation on humans could result in serious injury and even death.
Recommend the use of 4x alkaline batteries size “D”, install into back cap and replace when spark is weak.
Secure the wand to handle with locating notch – see assembly instructions.
When shorted out and the button is pressed, a sparking will be heard inside the unit – this is normal (this may occur when prodding wet animals). Proceed with caution - potential increase of intensity...
Ensure back cap and wand collar is secure.

To achieve less stressed animals, apply the probe to the animal before pressing the button. After probe has made contact, press and hold the button. The animal will move when discomfort level reached, avoid undue stress and observe in case the animal may be sick or injured.

Shipping Notice:
Please allow a possible additional 2 weeks for deliveries outside Australia due to customs clearance in receiving country.