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Pneumatic Handheld Skinner

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CAT 201 HSK8
Pneumatic Handheld Skinner

FREUND presents the newly developed Pneumatic Handheld Skinner

Used for de-skinning pork and pork joints e.g. ham or shoulder, defatting of beef and lamb.

Our customers have asked us to develop a skinner that offers the operator limited downtime, more power and reduces overheard running costs. The result is the Freund CAT 201 HSK8-P3.


Toll-free Rapid Blade Changing System

The skinner has a patented Quick blade change system for replacing the blade of the HSK8-P3 within a few seconds. There are no tools needed. This safe and quick handling leads to lower downtime of the tool and a permanent sharp blade. The HSK8-P3 head has been developed engineered and manufactured in Germany and has been designed without any loose parts which could drop into the meat while changing the blade. Different blade depths are available. The head had been engineered for heavy hand operators and is stronger than ever before.


Easy Maintenance

Wearing parts of the skinner can be replaced quickly with an ordinary slot-screwdriver. The lowering of the running costs has been a major focus when developing this tool, so only the defective parts needs replacing. All parts are individually replaceable and available from FREUND particularly the roller pinion that is separate. No more complete rollers to replace…savings $1000s's on maintenance.


Optimal Hygiene and Wash-down

The intelligent stainless design provides easy and optimal wash-down by consequently avoiding dead-spots in the body of the tool where dust can collect. Therefore, the highest hygiene standards in the cutting room can be fulfilled with the HSK8-P3.


Individually adjustable ergonomics

The working ergonomics are perfect because of an optimal weight balancing and an easy to adjust handle position. It is possible to adjust quickly from right to left handed operation.


Strong Air-Motor P3 Made in Germany

Freund’s new Air motor P3 is also completely manufactured in Germany and the 320W power gives the SKINNER  massive traction. The motor is made to last. It is even possible to let it run without oil from a FRL unit without damaging parts inside. With oil the motor reaches maximum performance. With all that the P3 is perfectly equipped for the environment in Slaughter and Cutting Rooms.


Versatility is the key with these skinners. They are ideally suited to removing hog hair roots, skin patches, trimming strips, rounds, butts, hindquarters, bone in and boneless pork loins, cattle-pack ribs, lamb, knuckles and touch-up work. Well suited to fresh and cured ham trimming and de-fatting, de-skinning fish, and chicken skin removal as well as cold beef and lamb de-fatting, and improve the overall product appearance with ease.


Quick Blade-Change mechanism for tool-free blade replacing, high operational safety.

Less downtime, less maintenance work, no losable parts, powerful pneumatic-motor "Made in Germany" allows oil-free air supply (more power with oil).

Hygienic Design, no dead spaces where dirt and dust collects, easy wash-down.

Easy to maintain, easy assembling with slot-screwdriver.

All parts of the tooth roller individually replaceable, variable trigger position, easy adjustment for individual, operation or for right and left handers.



320 watt P3 Pneumatic motor - 6 Bar 420 lit/min, 82 cutting width x 3.5 mm deep .

1.6 kg 230 x 112






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