PNEUMATIC STIMULATOR COMPLETE - Stimulation by Air Injection

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The Pneumatic Stimulator destroys neural and nervous tissue immobilising the animal being slaughtered. Processors now have a faster and more effective method of reducing worker exposure to reflex activity. The Pneumatic Stimulator has undergone continuous fine tuning and improvements to meet all food safety requirements. 


  • Improves safety  Pneumatic Stimulation destroys neural and nervous tissue immobilising the animal carcass. Processors now have a faster, safer and more effective method of reducing worker exposure to dangerous reflex activity during leg shackling and head removal and all reflex kicking as the carcass is dressed. Any and all automatic muscle reflexes are completely removed.
  • Gives a better bleed – After pneumatic stimulation muscles are unable to tense and blood can flow more freely through the veins and arteries, enabling a greater volume of blood flow and a quicker bleed time.
  • Less water waste during wash down  There is a great reduction of blood dripping on the slaughter floor making wash down easier to manage and cheaper in water consumption. 
  • Improved meat quality  Pneumatic stimulation eliminates blood splash/ecchymosis, which is when the blood vessels explode under stress and then stain the meat a dark brown to black colour. When Pneumatically Stimulated the muscles are relaxed instantly and are prevented from tightening, eliminating blood splash and increasing the value of the meat and improving meat quality.
  • Lowering pH and increasing meat value – when stressed or tensed the glycogen sugars in muscle are converted to lactic acid raising the PH – darkening and toughening the meat. When Pneumatically stimulated, higher levels of Glycogen are present in the unstressed muscle resulting in a pink color, lower PH, and overall higher grade and quality of meat. 
  • Hide removal aided – Complete muscle relaxation allows the hide to be easily and safely manipulated during the legging/flanking process through to removal at the hide puller. Primal breaking is smoother and easier to handle as muscles are soft & pliable. 
  • Simpler removal of the spinal cord – Removal of the spinal cord dura mater is aided and in most cases the spinal cord is completely severed and simply falls out after splitting, without the need of additional vacuums and spinal cord removal tools.
  • Allows for a more efficient forequarter breakdown.
  • All working components are of the highest standard and are completely waterproof 
  • Pneumatic, e.g. there are no electrical components whatsoever
  • The unit is both portable and compact or can be a permanent fixture
  • The nozzle is detachable and can be easily sterilised
  • Once the unit's components have been adjusted and set, the housing can be locked making the unit tamper proof 



 The stimulation cycle starts with the operator sterilising the Injector Gun in a Steriliser (CAT 68), and charging the system via pressing the foot pedal.  The operator then inserts the nozzle of the injector gun into the hole created by the captive bolt stunner, (this hole can be created after slaughter if processing Halal), and squeezes the trigger. A controlled and measured blast of air enters the brain making its way into the spinal cavity. The charge of air hydraulically “jackhammers” the spinal cord severing all neural responses. The complete process takes around 7 seconds. The operator has to return to steriliser to recharge the unit.