Portable Auto Boot Wash Machine 240V


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 Boot & Sole Wash Machine


This easily movable boot sole washer enables the user to wash and disinfect both the soles and the top of their boots or shoes.

Clean the muddiest of boots. 


It is a complementary piece of equipment which can be rapidly placed wherever necessary without having to install a hygiene station.

 Perfectly suited for use in the Food Industry, Site office, Maintenance Factory, Veterinary Clinics,  Agriculture, Building Sites, Hospitals, Mines, Sports Events/ Golf Clubs and more!  




Automatic water, and Soap or disinfectant injection Using a 2% Solution (factory setting) and an average operating time of 30 seconds per person, Soap/Disinfectant container holds enough liquid for around 150 passages.

Auto sensor on activation ( motor and water )

Auto off



Stainless Steel frame and internals, recycled ABS body
Colour: Blue
Noise level: 55 dB
Water supply: Standard hose (same as a washing machine) supplied
Non-return valve supplied and fitted
Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Power: 60 W 240 V single phase + earth
Protection Index: IP 55
Automatic  - Operated by electronic touch control
Adjustable operating time: 30 s (Factory setting), 45 s and 1 minute
Water consumption: 2 l/min
Maximum temperature: 50°C
Minimum pressure: 2 Bar
Maximum Pressure: 5 Bar
Automatic dosing of the disinfectant / soap: 2%
Disinfectant / Soap Canister Capacity : 3 litres



630 x 300 x 410 mm
16 kg



Operating Manual

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