Premium Quick Dry - 250ml - Edible Ink, Food Grade, Permanent

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Premium Quick Dry - 250mL - Edible Ink, Food Grade, Permanent


Used to mark meat & vegetables for classification, identification or market branding - product logo branding on any food
 Food Grade, quick drying and permanent
Every batch is registered for quality control
Stamp, spray, paint, print, dye, write or stencil eggs, vegetables, fruits, meats, cakes, breads and pastries




 Meat Marking Ink - 250mL - Colours available

✸2001 250 - 250ml Red✸ ✸2005 250 - 250ml Brown✸
✸2002 250 - 250ml Gold✸ ✸2006 250 - 250ml Blue✸
✸2003 250 - 250ml Violet✸ ✸2007 250 - 250ml Green✸
✸2004 250 - 250ml Black✸ ✸2008 250 - 250ml Pink✸

MEFE's meat marking quick dry ink is safe for use in domestic and export abattoirs and will not alter fragrance or taste of food. Ink has been specially formulated for ease of use and for fast drying properties. MEFE marking ink is safe to use as prescribed on any food surface and can be used direct on any food item from meat to eggs or on food packaging.

Certificate of acceptance by the relevant governing body for use in export registered meat establishments - number LOA0972.


Please note: This ink works wonderfully on porous surfaces, however it will not stick to smooth surfaces such as glass and porcelain


MSDS supplied in link below or at

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Food Grade Ink Declaration