Sensor Tap - Hospital Spout 32cm - Deck Mounted - Gun Metal Grey


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CAT 6791032GM
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Hospital Spout (32cm) - Deck Mounted
Chrome Plated (Gun Metal Grey)

MEFE Sensor Taps are WaterMark certified and have been awarded 6 Stars, the highest WELS water efficiency rating. This signifies that our taps are eco-friendly and of the highest quality being AUS and NZ certified.


Up to 70% water saved
Hygienic with zero cross contamination 
Touch free and easy to use: ideal for children, elderly and disabled
Employs the latest "plug and play" digital infrared sensor technology
Sensing range automatically adjusts to your environment (programmable with remote, not necessary under usual circumstances)
Easy installation and supplied with everything required, replaces existing ½" connections 
No electrical wiring required, operates on 6V DC 4 x AA batteries or a 240V transformer


About MEFE's Sensor Taps
MEFE's touch free sensor taps eliminate the need to ever open or close a tap, meaning zero risk of cross contamination. The sensors activate when movement is detected within range, shutting off immediately once the movement is removed - therefore never a leaking tap! If the sensor is activated for more than 30 seconds, the tap will automatically turn off.


WaterMark Certification
With your purchase of our Sensor Tap comes the WaterMark peace of mind. The WaterMark certification scheme is a mandatory requirement for plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use. All of our sensor taps are Australia and New Zealand WaterMark certified with approved licence number WM-022559.


6 Star Water Rating
The entirety of our WaterMark certified sensor taps have a 6 star WELS water efficiency rating. This guarantees that the product is in accordance with the standard set under the National Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards and has the highest possible water efficiency, with approved licence number 1718.


DDA Compliant
Suitable for use for AS 1428.1 design and access requirements when installed in reference to AS 1428.1 2009 Amendment 1 and the intent of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).


Deck Mounted
Chrome Plated Matte Black
Standard ½" Connection
Sensing Range: 10cm Pre-Set
Water Pressure: 0.07-0.7Mpa


Hospital Spout - 32cm high

Tap: 32 x 16 x 5cm, 0.6kg
Boxed: 42.5 x 19.5 x 8.5 cm, 1.6 kg


Hospital spout with fitted sensor
Solenoid box (fitted solenoid valve)
Battery housing(batteries not included)
240V transformer
Braided hose
Instruction manual


Water Mixer
Solenoid Valve 

Braided Hose (100cm)
Braided Hose (120cm)
Remote control to reprogram sensing range




Available Finishes
CAT 6791032 - Chrome Plated 
CAT 6791032G - Gold Chrome Plated

CAT 6791032B - Matte Black 

Battery Pack AND 240V Transformer (Both included in package)