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Sheep / Goat Dehairing Machine - Model 100G

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CAT 157 100G





Dehairing machine model 100G is designed to provide mechanized dehairing of Sheep and goat for the Medium t sized abattoir. This robust model is capable of cleaning 100 goats/ hour maximum . The reinforced frame is manufactured from galvanized mild steel with cover plates in Stainless steel. Fitted with 4 off heavy duty riven shafts , Each shaft is fitted with robust rubber fingers. The complete shafts are mounted onto sealed bearings and driven through geared chain and sprockets The motor is a whopping 7.5 KW . The discharge shaft is lifted hydraulically to automatically eject the sheep/goat once clean. The complete machine is fitted with a pneumatically / hydraulic operated cradle to facilitate the effective loading of the scalded sheep or goat, this cradle is integrated to the system and lowers into the scalding tank collecting the sheep/goat and delivering it into the machine - the loading and discharge is is controlled via levers on the front of the machine –optional Extras will include a PLC timer control enabling for full automation and timer control



  • Effective Dehairing Length :   1800 mm
  • Length   2653 mm
  • Width :     1250mm
  • Height:
  • Estimated Weigh :   950 KG
  • Power:  7.5Kw
  • Electrical:  400V
  • Dehairing time   30 – 40 seconds
  • Dehairing rate   >92% clean – singing fine hair / scraping in armpits and polishing required to get 100%
  • Production maximum:  100 sheep / goats / hour