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CAT 201*
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A powerful Trio of machines with extreme versatility makes them the best choice for hand-held Trimming of Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Buffalo, Game and Fish

Versatility is the key word with the skinners, they are ideally suited to removing hog hair roots , skin patches, trimming strips, rounds, butts, hindquarters, bone in and boneless pork loins, cattle-pack ribs, lamb, knuckles and touchup work. Well suited to fresh and cured ham trimming and de-fatting, de skinning fish, and chicken skin removal. Overall improve the product appearance with ease. The cut is always uniform, clean and available in three cutting depths 

  • CAT 201-11-3.31 mm Cut
  • CAT 201-11-1.78 mm Cut
  • CAT 201-11– 5 mm Cut