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STIMULATOR LOW VOLTAGE - Low Voltage Stimulation

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CAT 44 E512 STIM
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Fully Programmable Electronic Stimulator for Medium and Industrial Plants
Better bleeding when applied during bleeding
Accelerated drop of ph value – Better Quality / Flavor
Improved Color and Tenderness
Prevents from 'cold shortening' (Taurigor)
Faster maturation, longer shelf life
Increases yield due to reduction in weight loss
5 stimulation programs selectable by push-button for different animals (adjustable)
Low voltage stimulation (<50Volt) is safe for human beings
Can also be used for Stimulation during hide pulling process to avoid broken backbones and blood spots
Immobilization during shackling for increased safety at work as leg kicking is avoided

 Number of uses are available to improve meat quality





Stimulation units at the start and the end of the chain can improve tenderness and meat colour by increasing the rate of pH decline

High frequency immobilisation at the start of the chain reduces animal movement and improves occupational health and safety

Low or medium voltage electrical stimulation at the start of the chain can increase the amount of collectable blood and also reduces waste.


Electrical stimulation enhances meat quality by improving tenderness and meat colour. It is helping
 processors to consistently deliver quality sheep and beef meat, in fact all species of red meat. Electrical stimulation can also improve occupational health and safety, increase blood collection and enable faster carcase throughput.