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CAT 44 E514
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CAT 44 E514

CAT 44 E514  High volume Constant Amperage stunner or killing device for constant operation (high frequency)

Individual programming allows usage as a E-stunner or a killing device for killing of pork, beef and sheep in the case of epidemics or casualties

2.5 A 18 kg.

2nd output socket for heart electrode, remote control output for pneumatic tongs,

key selector switches ,

detailed  LED display . 

Stunner Fully Automatic – apply tongs and the unit reads resistance to apply effective stun from the pre loaded stun cycles – 7 stun-programs,  5 pre-installed and individually adjustable for different animals species / sizes and operating-modes. Programmable, electronic control of all stun parameters Programs for head and heart-stun (cardiac arrest). Better meat quality Higher yield due to less blood spots and bone fractures


Fit for the future: Complies not only with the actual but also conforms with the newly planned EU and international animal welfare regulations , this is due to the ability of being able to fully program and adjust the output so not only can the unit be adjusted minutely to obtain optimal results but it has the added ability to be able to adjust to any future limitations or legislation that may be implemented. Acoustic sound for minimum stun-time (adjustable) LED-display for program-No, voltage, amperage etc., 4 keys for selection of stun program and programming (password protected)


7 Independent Programmable Parameters (summary of each  program ) - head  : ( 1 - 10 ) Amps ramp in one second , then  3 stage - ( 0.1 - 2.5 ) Amps flow in ( 0.1 - 199 ) Seconds at  ( 50 - 1330 ) HZ stage 1,2 and 3, pause ( 0 - 25 )Seconds , heart : ( 1 - 10) Amps ramp in one second ,  3 stage - ( 0.1 - 2.5 ) Amps flow in ( 0.1 - 199 ) Seconds at  ( 50 - 1330 )  HZ in stage 1,2 and 3, timer buzzer on/off , head amps not achieved  siren, Time head and heart amps not achieved siren  reset ( 0 - 25 ) Seconds – all within the parameters of ( 50 - 400 ) Volts per head OR heart


Latest Legislation dictates that stun data has to be logged and recorded

fitting the CAT 44 EME01 Enables to Recorded details:

Amperage reached in 1st second ?
Minimum-stun-time (4 s) at minimum amperage reached (in Amperes Seconds separately for head & heart) ?
Error Yes/No per parameter
integrated interface for data-storage
external Data memory CAT 44 EMEM01 (please order separately) saves up to 6000 stuns
Fully adjustable and programmable continuous


Unit is fully programmable which enables it to be used in many applications as well as: 

 Water bath Poultry Stun over 20 Birds at any one time total 2.5 A continuous

Water bath / Tube Fish Stun

Cattle stimulation nose clamp or Buzz bar

Sheep Stimulation - buzz bar

Cattle Immobilization - after stun