Stun Box with Cooler - Network Compatible - Constant Current & High Frequency


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Stun Box with Cooler - Constant Current and High Frequency



Electronic, high frequency, constant-current (cloud enabled) stunner for the industrial application

8 Pre-installed stunning programs, individually adaptable

Expandable to up to 24 stunning programs

Internal storage for 16,000 stun sets

LCD Display with 40 characters for real time display of program number, current, voltage, frequency and stunning time

Linear frequency ramp, without abrubt graduations

Accoustic and visual display for errors and the end of stunning

6 convenient buttons for program selection and programming

Remote control outlet for pneumatic stun tong and pneumatic heart electrode

Stunning data coupling of two stunners via a master/slave control (all data from one stunning procedure in one diagram)

Network Compatible (ethernet RJ45)

Second outlet for separate heart electrode

Remote programming of the parameter data sets possible via a web interface

Access to stun data via the Web interface with daily / weekly / monthly statistics

Complies with the current Animal Protection Slaughter Regulation EC No. 1099/2009



Voltage: 90-260V

Protection: IP44

Single Phase

Unit: 13.1kg

Boxed: ? x ? x ?cm, ?kg