Turnstile - Pause Hand Sanitise - Free Standing

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CAT 7407

Turnstile - Pause Hand Sanitise Free Standing

Sanitise Station



Device made of stainless steel 1.4301.
Automatic liquid soap or disinfectant providing on both hands at the same time.
Making proper hygienic activities (confirmed by light control red - green) turns rotary gate
about 1/3 of rotation and allows for passage of one person each event.
Power supply: 230 V, IP 65.
Controlling voltage: 24 V, PLC Siemens LOGO!
Excess liquids outlet: PVC Ø 10 mm.
Programming of time of liquid providing and liquid volume.
Two nozzles ( left and right hand).
Possibility to work both directions.
Locked cupboard for 5 litre container of liquid with hole to check liquid level.
Emergency passage in case of lack of power supply.
Vent air spray button.
The device mounted to the floor or on the washers as elements of the sluices