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VSSVH38H VACUUM SYSTEM - Spinal Cord Vacuum Removal

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For the efficient removal of contamination and reduction of germination on slaughter carcasses, vacuuming of dirt, ingesta, hairs and Removal of spinalcord, brain, remains of fat and leaflard, lungs of poultry etc. by vacuum,  significantly improved reduction of germination compared to cutting by hand-knife with e.g. Ecoli germs, increased food-safety, improved yield due to lower loss of product in comparison to cut away,  no visible changes on the meat surface.




System made up of the following:

  • Stainless Steel Vacuum tank 909-000-026/7/8 VT 110 , VT 200, VT 330 LITER:
    • Features easy empty and wash down due to large opening and discharge shutters
  •  SC 23 Separator Can 909-001-002:
    • Stainless Steel Separator Can for the first separation of material and fluids, when full exhaust is auto closed to vacuum pump, large 76 mm connections  and  23 liter capacity
  • Vacuum pump  909-100-001/2/3 /5 - Choice of:
    • VP1OO- 100 m3 / Hour , 2.4 kW, 77 kg
    • VP2OO- 160m3 / Hour , 4 kW, 155 kg
    • VP3OO- 240 m3 / Hour , 7.8 kW, 181 kg
    • VP1OO-OF- 98m3 / Hour , 2.4 kW, 101 kg Oil Free
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    • VSS-VH38H Handpiece

  • Handpiece for VSS Vacuum-Suction-System

    Vacuum-System-Handpiece with flat nozzle for the removal of spinalcord (from the halved animal carcass) of cattle, pig and sheep






Others and accessories:

  • 913-101-220         Disinfection Basin
  • 909-900-003        Mobile Trolley VSS 45 Kg