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Water Cooled Knife Sharpening & Leather Honing Machine

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CAT 139 8101
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Industrial Heavy Duty Knife Sharpener

Industrial quality - Made for rugged use for Butchers, Abattoirs and Chefs
Will sharpen all other tools and blades including lawnmower blades, slashers, scissors & shears, disc cutter blades, chisels etc.
Water Cooled Knife Sharpening  & Leather Honing Machine (250 Dia. grinding wheel)

240V, 95r/min, 180W
395 x 380 x 365mm, 16.5kg

Complete machine including and fitted with:
Grinding wheel - 250mm diameter x 40mm wide

Grinding wheel 220 grit water cooled
Leather honing and polishing wheel 200 x 30mm
Honing Paste
Insulated 3 position switch - forward and reverse
Angled sliding guide - fitting in 2 positions (front and rear) to cover every size and angle
Sliding guide clamps - to securely and safely hold the workpiece

Water Cooled Grindstone in Water Bath – prevents tempering or burning and softening of blade
Leather Honing Wheel - gently removes the burr, which develops during grinding.
Used with the supplied tube of Honing Compound, the edge is polished to a razor sharpness.

Spare parts available
Honing paste
Leather Honing Wheel
Grind Stone Wheel