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WATER SAVER - Casing Cleaner Valve

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WATER SAVER - Casing Cleaner Valve




This unit will insure a casing cleaning operation. No more burst or damaged casings! Operations are under complete control by the operator who will place the casing over the tip of the unit and activate the water supply by applying pressure to the tip of the unit. This unit is designed specifically for use by packers, casing distributors, and sausage manufacturers. It can easily be attached to the work table for efficient and quick one handed operations. Proper safety equipment should be utilised at all times when operating this unit. 

Chrome plated for hygiene and ease of cleaning.



Overall length is 257mm
Equipped with 1/2" NPT connection
Operates on normal water line pressure
Handle hose is manufactured from neoprene base tube and wrapped with 3 ply reinforcement carrying a temperature range of 1°C to + 66°C and a minimum burst 2500 KPA - 360 PSI



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