Bathroom Sensor Tap Adaptor

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CAT 67802
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Bathroom Sensor Tap Adaptor & Filter


Designed for bathroom faucets and shallow basins




Integrated nightlight for low light use

Conserves and reduces water use up to 65%

Supports household health with purified, filtered water

Eliminates cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria and viruses

Provides all the benefits of a sensor tap without replacing existing your faucet


What Makes It Different?

There are other tap adaptors out there, so how do you choose?


This adaptor is purpose-built for bathroom faucets with shallow basins.

Designed to connect off the side of the tap, this adaptor works great in small spaces.


Premium workmanship, aluminium casing, and a Lithium Ion battery make this sensor adaptor built to last.



Rose gold aluminium casing

"Continuous Use" top sensor - activate with a swiping motion and swipe again to stop water flow

"Quick Use" underside sensor - activates when it senses any object in the area with an adjustable sensing distance, perfect for brushing your teeth

Smart infrared sensors conserve water - the continuous use sensor will automatically stop after 3 minutes



Carbon Fiber filters purify water by filtering residual chlorine, heavy metals and improving water taste and discolouration


Supplied with 3 replacement filters






Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with magnetic USB cable - charge once every 8-10 months

Optional motion sensor LED night light allowing better vision for night use

Programmed with 7 different night light colours


How Do I Install It?

With a simple 3 step process.

Unwind your existing faucet outlet and replace with the appropriate connector, then click the adaptor into place.

No fuss, no plumber, and no replacing your bathroom tap.


Supplied with 6 connectors for a perfect fit with most faucets.



Kitchen Sensor Adaptor

3 Filters

6 Connectors

Built-in Lithium Ion battery

Magnetic USB charging cable

Operation Manual



91 x 55 x 70mm, 530g

 Download our Operation Manual


Please note the adaptor is NOT compatible with the following types of faucet:




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