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 With a history dating back over a century, MEFE - MITCHELL ENGINEERING FOOD EQUIPMENT Pty Ltd offer engineered products covering all aspects of the meat processing, farming, food service and manufacturing industries - specialising in Red Meat, white Meat and Fish.

Proud members of the FREUND worldwide team, MEFE is able to draw on vast experience from around the globe. Product development and design have placed us among the world leaders in slaughter, cutting technology, hygiene and food production machinery.

MEFE is passionate about finding solutions within the food industry. We strive to ultimately help make our client's end product more affordable - we endeavour to add value whilst at the same time are always seeking and developing improved alternatives. We pride ourselves on, and make use of, the knowledge and expertise of our worldwide affiliations.

Our scope of supply extends far beyond this website. All machines and products within our range have been catalogued in a 200 page information book available for download from the link below. To inquire about any item, discuss possible alternatives and solutions or for a quotation on any product, do not hesitate to call our friendly front line staff on 1800 669 006 or email us at info@mefe.com.au

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If you would like a tailored quotation for larger pieces of equipment, please send us an email with your detailed information (including company name, delivery address and contact info).


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