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Power Loaded Cartridges 

Power Loaded Cartridges for your Captive Bolt Concussion Stunner. 

cat-42-3-pack-open-cropped.png  cat-42-4-pack-open-cropped.png

100 rounds of Power Loaded Cartridges are packed in a moisture-resistant plastic container.


General Yellow: Stuns pigs, sheep, cattle, boars, and sows.

Heavy Blue: Stuns Cows, OX, and Steers.

Stunning animals is a legal requirement before slaughter. 

Types cannot be mixed.

Disclosure: These Power Loaded Cartridges cannot be shipped via air and are not returnable



General Colour: Yellow

General Type: Calibre 6.8/15 No. 3


Heavy Colour: Blue

Heavy Type: Calibre 6.8/15 No. 4


Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 3 cm

Weight: 0.20kg


Captive Bolt Concussion Stunner