Singeing Furnace

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CAT 157SF3

Singeing Furnace

 A variety of machines can be deployed for the highest possible carcass quality and hygiene. These machines minimise bacterial growth and have a large, direct effect on hygiene. In this regard MEFE offers a wide range of machines such as (1) pre-cleaning machines, (2) whipping machines and (3) singer furnaces.

Singing Furnace


  • Complete Stainless Steel
  • 4 burner banks with 30 flame burner nozzles
  • Ionisation ignition safeguarding gas flow
  • Burners controlled by automatic gas firing devices
  • Adjustable nozzle to adjust the flame
  • Heat resistant devices for holding the flame burner nozzles with gas fittings
  • Flame nozzles with special injector all-gas burners
  • Equipped with all the necessary valves and fittings for maximum possible safety