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120 Litre Pro Cooker Boiler / Poultry Scalding Tank / Shrink Bagger / Sous vide Cooker / Equipment Sterilizer

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CAT 103 120
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120L Pro Cooker Boiler / Poultry Scalding Tank / Shrink Bagger / Sous vide Cooker / Equipment Sterilizer


120L Pro Cooker Boiler
This pro-boiler cooker holds up to 120L of water and includes a stainless steel drain. Thermostat will hold water from 60°C all the way up to 100°C. Includes a basket for easy loading and removal of product. Simple to operate, fill with water set desired temperature and turn on. The cooker will heat until the set temperature is reached, thermostatically controlled, when the temperature of the water drops below the dial set temperature, the element will turn on and remain on until set temperature is reached.

Poultry Scalder
Ideal for dipping birds to loosen feathers prior to plucking. This unit works great when you have chickens, quail, game birds, ducks, turkeys or geese to process, and with a 120L capacity you can fit 20kg poultry at a time with ease. Recommended scalding chicken temperature is 63-65°C. Stainless Steel scalding tank suitable for scalding chicken, duck, geese, pheasant, and turkey. Can also be used with small piglets.

Shrink bagger
Ideal for shrink bagging, with or without vacuum, to shrink and smooth packaging and fully sterilize and sanitise. Shrink bagging dipping at 85°C.

Sous Vide Cooking
Low and slow cooking - vacuum seal with/without sauce, herbs and spices, slow cooking at low temperatures of 40-60°C.

Equipment Sterilizer
Ideal as a Sterilizer, simply set temperature above 82°C, place equipment into basket and dip / flush for ultimate hygiene.

Complete Stainless Steel
Scalds one bird at a time
Supplied with internal basket to ensure easing loading and removal of birds
Hard water grade heating element and standard 240V 50Hz for domestic power
Electronic thermostat controls water temperature within 1°C of the required 62°C (when scalding poultry)
1/2" BSP outlet

Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power: 3kW
Capacity: 120L

Basket: 50.5 x 43.5 x 43cm
Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 60cm
Net Weight: 28.5kg