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CAT 15225L*

A strong and powerful lift-tipping device for partial or complete emptying of 200, 300 litre standard  EURO tubs. The coupling for the tubs can be mounted either on the left or the right . The lift-tipping device is operated by a 24 V push-button control. The upward movement of the tub fork is effected by a lock, down wards movement by „dead man’s control“. Chain drive with chain breaking safety device  fitted as standard. In case of power failure an overrun brake locks the container in its current position. When the device is being operated the container is automatically secured by a safety fastening. Thus a high standard of working safety is achieved. Made from Stainless Steel


Lifting capacity · : 350 kg


Lifting height from tipping: 1000 mm


Lifting speed · : 5 m/min


Connection 3 x 400 V + N + PE / 50 Hz


Motor rating  : 0,75 kW


Drive voltage : 24 V


Safety classification : IP 65