Plucker, Rotary Poultry Plucking Machine - Heavy Duty - Industrial Stainless Stee

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CAT 155 6
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Rotary Poultry Plucking Machine

Electric Poultry plucker which removes the feathers off large turkeys, high volume chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants and quail in as little as 10-30 seconds. Simply scald birds then drop up to 6-10 chickens into the tub.




Complete Stainless Steel body
Water saving rinsing - water hose inside tub for quick cleaning
Bottom plate with automatic cleaning fingers that removes feathers

Chute at front where feathers flush out
150 rubber plucking fingers
Easy to operate - on/off switch panel
Automatically cleans out feathers from tub

CE mark certified
Includes timer and operation panel

Spare Parts:

Soft Plucking Finger CAT 155 52
Medium Plucking Finger CAT 155 58
Hard Plucking Finger CAT 155 63

Capacity: 60L
Voltage: 220V
Motor: 2HP
Power: 1.5 kW
Barrel DIA: 600mm
Overall Size: 68 x 65 x 100cm, 69kg
Packaging: 71 x 70 x 104cm, 76kg
1/2" water inlet 


Download Operation Manual Here