Small Stock Animal Immobiliser - USB Rechargeable, Waterproof, Wireless, Hand-Held

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5 Year

Small Stock Immobiliser is almost finished manufacturing. Expected release date will be added as soon as available.

Small Stock Animal Immobiliser


The newest model of our Animal Immobiliser represents the latest technology used in farming electronics, combined with the innovation and expertise of Mitchell Engineering and now comes in a rechargeable unit. This is an invaluable tool to any professional animal handler - veterinarians, abattoirs, stock men, horseman, farrier graziers and more.


Our electrical Immobiliser can also be used for electrical stimulation during slaughtering to enhance meat quality, improve tenderness and meat colour and help processors to consistently deliver quality red meat. Tested and shown to lower pH improving meat quality in Beef, Lamb, Buffalo, Goat, Camel.



  • Waterproof -  fully sealed & Waterproof unit can be sterilised, eliminating risk of cross contamination between animals. Safe to use in any environment.
  • Completely Wireless  - No messy and dangerous wires, clips or cables that can get tangled or fall off. Hands-free once in place. Includes recharging cable, lasting up to 10 hours of continuous use on full charge.
  • Compact and Durable - Lightweight and portable, yet robust and hard-wearing to meet the demands of working with cattle. Easy single knob operation to power on/off and increase/decrease the gentle electrical impulse.
  • USB Rechargeable - Easily recharge from USB phone charger, vehicle or PC - no loose batteries 



  • Immobilises the animal so any procedure can be performed efficiently and safely.
  • Provides stress relief during procedures where anaesthesia is not possible or practical
  • Reduces stress for both animals and operators
  • Reduces accidents by minimising animal handling
  • Improves efficiency by reducing procedure time
  • Improved meat quality by increasing the rate of pH decline
  • Better bleed when applied during and after bleed
  • Less water waste by reduction of blood dripping
  • Increases yield due to reduction in weight-loss


How Does it Work?

The Immobiliser delivers an electronic impulse that stimulates the animal’s natural nervous system, causing the animal to become immobile for the duration that the pulse is applied - ensuring the safety of both handler and animal and allowing the required procedure to be carried out as efficiently as possible. The effects of electrical rectal probe stunning are temporary and immediately reversible upon cessation of impulse. The unit is to be used for the sole purpose of immobilisation for short periods of time. Can be safely used on small stock like pigs, goats and sheep, and is safe to use on pregnant animals.

PLEASE NOTE: This tool is not an anaesthetic measure and should not be used as a pain relief tool.


The Immobiliser is designed to safely restrain and assist in:

Castration Dehorning
Branding Foot trimming
Nose ringing Earmarking
Clipping Difficult birthing
Mastitis treatment Vaccination
Milking Tagging
Emergency slaughter Stunning + bleeding




This unit comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty!