Stun Check, Electrical Stun Test

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Made for Abattoirs and Inspectors to Test all Electric Stunners before Operation

Excellent testing unit for testing functionality and safety of all electric stunners from any manufacturer.

Checks the individual programs being installed in stunner complying with legally regulated standards.
Checks whether the tongs are working correctly (Possible cable breakage or other damage to the tongs).
Provides visual display of what is actually being received by the animal – this is then cross referenced to agree with what the unit is issuing.
Highlights incorrect stun due to dirty probes , poor cable connections or faulty switches.
Operates based on animal's resistance capacity.
Easy to operate using rotary switch selecting appropriate resistance (1,2 or 3) to replicate the animal being stunned - small lambs, pigs to large boars.
Displays value in stun check box corresponding to the programmed value in stunner. Current in A and Voltage in V.

 Power: 400(W), Wt.: 6.8 (Kg), H: 370(mm), W:265(mm), Depth: 200(mm)





 4 variable test objectives based on resistivity are presented as:

 ⁕ 1 for 123.5 Ohms (Sheep/goats and piglets)

⁕ 2 for 173.5 Ohms (Smaller pigs and sows)

⁕ 3 for 1200 Ohms (Larger pigs and boars)

⁕ 4 for 1710 Ohms (Safety Check : resistance of humans and stunner doesn’t work on detecting person)



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