Turnstile Hygiene Station - Boot Wash & Hand Sanitise

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CAT 7463050403

Turnstile Hygiene Station
Boot Wash and Hand Sanitise


Walk through hygiene station designed for use in the food processing, manufacturing, packaging, brewery, bakery, confectionery, pharmaceuticals sectors and more.
Ultimate in hygiene, allows complete wash of boots sole to calf, mandatory hand sanitise.

Suitable for all hygienic entry and exit requirements, free return allows bidirectional access.



Stainless Steel
Walk through sensor activated boot sole wash (horizontal rotating brush) and shank wash (vertical rotating brush)
Access control: complete hand sanitise for 1/3 turnstile rotation
Bi-directional with reverse turnstile free return and boot wash
Automatic soap, water, and sanitiser application

400v 50hz 3 phase efficiency
1/2" water
PVC Ø 50mm

L(Brush)=1080mm H(Brush)=312mm
2200(L) x 1320(W) x 1590(H) mm