Bowl Cutter 24L 300kg/h Mobile 220V 1 phase

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CAT 361 BC1 24

Bowl Cutter - 24L

Industrial Heavy duty 


High performance bowl cutter mainly used for food processing fields, such as processing different kinds of roots, stems, leaves and vegetables into pastes speedily and effectively, processing of meat and accessories into glue and mixing different kinds of stuffing's evenly. It is the perfect machine for the processing of food material which needs to be cut, mixed and homogenised. 





Polished Stainless Steel, mobile 

High-speed sharp rotating blades 

Simple operation and easy maintenance 

Streamline appearance and fully enclosed box type body 

Safety switch proximity switches 

Good cutting efficiency, slight temperature lifting and short cutting time 

On-and-off switch has good waterproof properties, reliability, long service life, low noise and simple operation 



Motor Power: 1500 W 
Voltage: 220V, 1 phase 
Capacity: 24 litres, 300kg/h 
Blade rotating speed: 1440r/min 
908 x 699 x 1027 mm, 135 kg 
CE Certified