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Pneumatic Knife Complete

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CAT 200K
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Pneumatic Knife Complete

Professional cutting tasks especially in the sector of food processing. Cutting of meat and sausages, fish, cheese, vegetables, bread, cake and gateau. The advantages over ordinary hand knives include: Less effort during the cutting process. Smooth cutting of difficult products like roasted pork, ham, filled streusel cake, filled gateau (as well as creamed cakes)
Certified (GS) by the butchers and staff association, Service reduced and easy to clean, Less vibration, Easy to handle. Robust & profitable ergonomically design. Casing made of antibacterial plastic.  GS-verification certificate no.: FW 09137

Technical Data:

Connection Pressure 6 to Max 8 Bar

Air Consumption 250 l/min

Weight 670g

Cutting rate 16500 /min

Noise level 74 dB


Knife Blades available

Tool is supplied with choice of 2 blades  - Dependent on application.